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welcome to the galactic battlegrounds

Reach of the Fallen Legion is a FREE TO PLAY MOBA currently in development for PC

Our main goal is to deliver a competitive game with an active community of players
that want to ascend the rankings and become the ultimate galactic hero.

about the game

free to play

The game is and will always be 100% Free, we hate every kind of Pay2Win formula. The only things you'll be able to buy are not going to vary the game play in any way other than cosmetics or visual effects. You'll be able to buy Skins, Profile Pictures and a lot more cool stuff from our virtual store as soon as the game goes live.

different arenas

Face your enemies on different battlegrounds, each one with different characteristics. Gravity, environmental events and much more things are going to change the playstyle on every battleground, You're gonna control your Hero via a Third Person Camera, so you're gonna experience the battlegrounds like never before in a MOBA.

competitive play

We love eSports and our game is built around our passion, we take competitive gaming very seriously and we believe tournaments and ranked games are the future of videogaming, playing the game should be fun and rewarding at the same time but how can it be rewarding without a little bit of competition?

early access

Reach of the Fallen Legion

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